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Dental Hygienist Services

A healthy mouth is one of the most visible signs of overall health. Regular visits to a dental hygienist for thorough & professional cleaning is important for maintaining the appearance and health of your teeth and gums as well improving your self-confidence.

Menu of Hygiene Services

Here, at Specialist Dental, we realise our patients have different requirements. We like to provide a selection of hygiene services to suit your individual needs.

Some of the advantages of visiting the hygienist regularly include the important removal of plaque and calcified plaque (calculus). These visits are important to:

  1. Help arrest bleeding gums from gingivitis, which is reversible.
  2. Help prevent decay with preventive advice on diet and best cleaning products.
  3. Help eliminate one of the main causes of halitosis (i.e. bad breath)
  4. Help reduce the risk of developing periodontitis (irreversible gum disease, which results in loss of the support mechanism of a tooth), which has been linked to many systemic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, pre-term low birth weight babies and many other diseases. More teeth are lost to gum disease (periodontitis) than conventional tooth decay (dental caries), so it is important to ensure that gums receive close attention.

Our Dental hygienists/therapists (Yasmin Al-Haddad and Katy Gandhi) are now able to see you as a “direct access” patient (i.e. without first having seen a dentist). Please be aware that the hygienist is not able to treat or diagnose dental disease and you are advised to seek a full oral health assessment either with our general dentist (Rhiannon Cole), one of our Specialists (Dr Sohaib Safiullah) or your own general dentist. It is important that you have regular oral health assessments alongside regular cleaning. If you have not been to our clinic before, you will be booked in for a 45-minute hygiene appointment (£88.95) to allow our hygienists to give you a thorough clean and polish and also ensure that your brushing technique is correct. She will also take the time to explain and recommend any other products which may benefit you and help to maintain good oral health.

The Smoker’s Clean

£153 for 60 minutes

For patients with a heavier stain from coffee/tea/tobacco/red wine/Corsodyl stain.

Includes a clean using an ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments followed by “air polishing”, which allows for better removal of staining in between teeth. The EMS air polisher reaches further and deeper to give a sparkling result. The treatment is followed by an intensive prophylaxis and oral hygiene advice.

The Classic Clean

£83 for 30 minutes

For patients, who regularly attend for their scale and polish treatments every 6 months to help maintain good oral health.

Includes a check for gum disease by our hygienist, a tailored oral hygiene regime, a scale using the ultrasonic scaler followed by hand instruments and an extensive prophylaxis to remove everyday stains for a brighter smile.

Periodontal Maintenance

£83 for 30 minutes

For patients, who need to attend on a more regular basis (3 to 4-month intervals) to ensure the gums remain healthy and stable. This is for patients who are susceptible to gum disease, have had a history of gum disease or patients who are wearing braces to move teeth orthodontically. All these patients need closer inspection and more frequent professional cleaning to ensure the gums and teeth remain healthy.

Includes a gum disease check with the hygienist, along and deeper clean of the teeth with the ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments and extensive prophylaxis with an oral hygiene programme tailored to each patient, with regular checks to ensure the programme prescribed by the dentist is still fitting for the patient.

Braces and Cleaning

Pre-braces clean

£112 for 45 minutes

It is essential that oral hygiene is at a high standard before starting orthodontic treatment. Our hygienist will carry out a thorough clean using a combination of the ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments to remove plaque and hard calculus so you have a healthy foundation before moving your teeth orthodontically.

We advise you to have The Classic Clean 3 monthly while you wear the braces as cleaning will become more difficult and it is important to maintain healthy gums and teeth throughout treatment.

The Grand Finale

£153 for 60 minutes

Upon completion of your orthodontic work, why not treat yourself to a luxurious clean so that your straight teeth remain healthy and sparkle too.

The hygienist will carry out a classic clean. The hygienist will then remove any stains and deposits that build up around the braces. A thorough clean to ensure all stains are removed with our EMS air polisher will be used, which penetrates further and deeper to give a sparkling result. The air polisher delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air.

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